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  • Over 3,200 Multiple Choice Questions and Explanations
  • Efficient Textbook For All Three Enrolled Agent Exams
  • Innovative Intelligent Textbook
  • Complete Subject Analysis and Personal Performance Data
  • Unlimited EA Practice Exams
  • Academic Support Included
  • In-depth Video Explanations On The Most Difficult Topics
  • Online Enrolled Agent Trivia Game
  • Credit For IRS Tax Preparer Continuing Ed. (10-hours RTRP)
  • Interactive Study Calendar
  • Free Updates Until You Pass All Three Exams
  • The FFA Guarantee
  • Technology That Works On Virtually Any Computer Or Device
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Optimize Your Time and Get Results With A Proven System

Enrolled Agent Study Guides

Enrolled Agent Study Guide

Your chance of passing the enrolled agent exam can increase dramatically when you have the right information to review. With our book, you won’t waste valuable time searching for answers, or reading about things that will not appear on your test. The book contains all the important topics that will most likely appear on your exam in an easy to follow format. With the help of Enrolled Agents, CPAs, Tax Attorneys, and former IRS employees, we were able to create a comprehensive book that is half the size...on purpose! But don’t let the size fool you, our study guide is not only the most successful book on the enrolled agent exam, it is the best choice for you.
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Advanced technology helps you pass the Enrolled Agent Exam the first time

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Intelligent Textbook

We leverage your personal performance data across all of your tools, unleashing the full functionality of a complete system, and allowing you to spend valuable study time more wisely than any other method. As you learn, we also learn a lot about you, and we use the insight from tools like the Study Bank and Practice Exams to flag areas of opportunity in our intelligent textbook, directing your attention to the content with the highest probability to improve your score.

The FastBook is our latest innovation, and the most advanced technology available to help you succeed. It is an intelligent, online version of our enrolled agent study guide, with features designed to help you pass. The FastBook adapts to you, providing a custom learning experience based on how you answer questions, allowing you to study smarter, not harder. The “one-size-fits-one” approach of our technology identifies your best opportunities immediately, so you don’t waste time with the things you already know. This revolutionary study tool will give you a significant advantage while studying for the Enrolled Agent exam that you simply will not find anywhere else.
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Enrolled Agent Exam Study Bank

Enrolled Agent Exam Study Bank

You can customize your study sessions to focus on the specific subjects you want. Filter over 3,200 questions by subject, exam section, or chapter, or review difficult questions from prior study sessions. Advanced filters allow you to focus on the areas that can have the biggest influence on your exam results. We bring these opportunities to you so that you can spend your time on the areas that matter most. All questions include a rationale to help you understand the solution. If you need additional help, you can click a button to get help from a qualified subject matter expert. No other provider has this level of support. The enrolled agent study bank works on just about any computer, tablet, phone, or device with an internet browser.
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Practice Enrolled Agent Exam

Enrolled Agent Practice Exams

Practice exams function exactly like the real enrolled agent exam. The exams can help you improve your test-taking skills and give you the confidence you need to pass on your first try. Each exam simulates a real exam in terms of difficulty, so if you can pass using our system you are ready to schedule your test. If your results indicate you are not ready to take the real exam, our system will show you exactly which areas you need to review. When you complete a practice exam, you unlock new features in the Study Bank and FastBook that help you capitalize on any opportunities to improve your score. You can review your completed exams again in study mode, where you can accurately control the questions you want to see. You can create as many unique practice exams as necessary for your review.
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A demo of an Enrolled Agent Exam Review tool!

Video Explanations

We are constantly looking for ways to improve our enrolled agent education. Each year, we help thousands of students earn the EA designation by passing the enrolled agent exam. As these students use our system, we are able to learn a great deal about what they know. We noticed that each year people tend to struggle with the same areas of the exam, and we decided to do something about it. We created comprehensive step-by-step videos to better explain the most difficult review questions you will see in the study bank. This new feature has been very popular thus far, as it saves you time and helps you when you need it most.
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What Customers Are Saying About Fast Forward Academy!

Susan H.
I just wanted to inform you that I have, in the past 3 weeks, taken all 3 parts of the EA exam. Using your online test bank and your book, I was able to pass ALL 3 the first time. Thank you.
Ken M.
I finished my EA with your companies study material and am a HUGE fan of your product. I used Gleim at first and although the questions are good technologically they are in the last decade with the software. The best thing about Fast Forward is the advanced software allows you to spend your time much more efficiently. This is important with a family and work.
Jan B.
I passed the Part 2 Business exam on Friday Feb 14, 2014. I have passed all 3 of the required parts of the IRS Enrolled Agent exam. Was very pleased with Fast Forward Academy's textbooks. I passed each part on the first try for each. Thank you for a very fine product!
Edward B.
This website was a god send... great resource!

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